By Mary Kleffner, Director of Sales and Outreach, Avamere at Newberg

Rachael Ray, Tom Brady, Simone Biles, Pele, Michael Jordan, and Joy St. Clair are amongst our favorite GOATs – The Greatest of All Time.

Ask anybody who works with Joy St. Claire and without hesitation, they’ll tell you she is the best – and that they never want to let her go!

Which makes it even harder to say goodbye.

After a stellar 15 years with Avamere at Newberg, Joy has decided to toss in the chef’s hat and cook for her precious grandkids instead.

Over her many dedicated years of serving up delicious meals for our residents, employees, and families, Joy has seen a lot.

COVID-19 wiped out one of her all-time favorite things – the robust salad bar. She’s happy to tell you the scrumptious dessert cart has returned. Daily, homemade soups are de rigueur too.

Joy loves to cook and we’re better for it. Her simplicity and modesty only make her creations more delectable. She shares her passion for cooking with the culinary staff and gives them all the credit for creating signature savory dishes.

Newberg senior living employees

Locally born and bred in Oregon, Joy entered the industry doing waitressing and serving work.

After her husband Steve passed, Joy’s passion for cooking lead her to senior living communities. She officially launched her career working in the Mt. Hood area. Fortunately for us, she found her way to Avamere at Newberg and the rest, as they say, is history.

Joy can’t wait to spend more time with her great-grandchildren. She also loves to read mysteries. Retirement will allow her time to dive into a few she’s got waiting for her on the bedstand.

Let’s raise a toast to Joy. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed.